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'It's not safe' | Vaping harms lungs, brain and heart, according to new research

We talked with four of the nation's experts on vaping. All of them had the same message: "e-cigarettes are dangerous."

Ben Briscoe

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Published: 7:40 PM EST November 22, 2021
Updated: 10:57 AM EST November 23, 2021

Remember the pictures of teenagers in the hospital hooked up to ventilators and doctors warning that vaping caused something called popcorn lungs?
The CDC started investigating back in 2019. Then COVID happened.
The pandemic became everyone's focus, but 2 Wants To Know, 'Whatever Happened 2' concerns about vaping?

In Greensboro, Cone Health says vaping killed one of their patients in 2019. Doctor Murali Ramswamy treated that person.

"This is tragic, and so we are still understanding and trying to understand why patients are dying from vaping," he said back in 2019.

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