GREENSBORO, N.C. — How many times have you been driving down the road and seen your life flash before your eyes? Once the other car zooms past, you breathe a sigh of relief and think, "Wow, that was close."

Needless to say, dangerous roads might warrant new stop lights, especially if the areas are accident-prone.


In June, WFMY News 2 reported a group of Greensboro neighbors wanted a stop light installed at Bass Chapel and Air Harbor Roads. They said they had complained to the City of Greensboro, but the state DOT manages the intersection. Until then, the state DOT said it was not aware of the problem.

Stories like these prompted a recent VERIFY inquiry. Good Morning Show viewer Tiffany Noe from Greensboro asked via Facebook, "What can be done about getting a stop light put up?"

Can residents even request a traffic signal?



The City of Greensboro's traffic signal engineering team (part of GDOT) is responsible for traffic signals on roads in the city's jurisdiction. It designs and controls 488 signalized intersections, and 85 of them have special technology that gives emergency vehicles green lights.

If you have an issue with a traffic light or want to request one, call 336-373-CITY (2489) or fill out the city service request on the website.

But, before installing a traffic light, GDOT is likely to put up a four-way stop sign. The request process is the same as that of a traffic light. Any city resident can call the city or fill out the online city service request. 

With regard to a four-way stop, the GDOT looks at certain criteria. For example, engineers consider whether more than 3,500 cars drive on the road each day and whether five or more crashes have happened there in a 12-month period. If the city decides a certain intersection warrants a four-way stop, it has to circulate a petition to all property owners who live in the area.


Yes, a resident can request a traffic light or sign in a particular area, but that dose not mean the city DOT will grant the request. The chances for approval are greater if the road is a high-volume area and is the site of frequent crashes.

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