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Kernersville family starts news network for kids

Most of the news right now is dedicated to Covid-19. Aleena Overman wanted something for her kids to watch so she launched a news show for kids.

KERNERSVILLE, N.C. — Across the country, television anchors and reporters are broadcasting from home. The shots you see on television originate from bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and even porches and yards. At News 2 several of our anchors are setting up a makeshift studio in their home.

While local and even national networks are learning the nuances of broadcasting from home as compared to a studio the living room is the only studio C-19 News has ever known, ‘We’ve tried to improve the look of the set from the first couple shows,” said Executive Producer Aleena Overman.

The newscast is only recorded once a week and episodes are uploaded to YouTube. The C-19 news team has put together about eight shows so far, “I like doing it but sometimes it can be a pain,” said news anchor Hadassah Overman.

The newscast is usually around 5 to 10 minutes and takes you across North Carolina and even parts of the country. One of Hadassah Overman’s cousins is a field reporter in Tennessee and her brother Calvin is the co-anchor, “Well it’s a lot of work because we film like every Thursday or Friday, every Monday you have a shoot which is hard,” said Calvin Overman.

You’re probably picking up on a family connection with the news station? C-19 also has an entertainment reporter who just happens to be the younger brother of Hadassah and Calvin, “Well I have to do less than Calvin and Hadassah,” said Malcolm Overman.

The 5-year-old, did I not mention his age, would much rather be playing outside than wearing a nice shirt and talking in front of an iPhone, “I’m begging to play with my friends,” said Malcolm.

The entire on-air news team is under the age of 10, which is why executive producer “mom” can get them to do something they may not enjoy as much as video games, “I’m trying to make sure they see at least something that’s educational,” said Aleena.

The kids will spend a few hours during the week to research “fun” stories that kids across the state are doing and then reach out for photos and videos. The team then sets up a rundown and organizes stories and video, “You have to do a lot of stuff and if you mess up (on air) you have to do it a lot of times,” said Malcom.

While the process of building a newscast is a bit tiring and the recording of the show can take longer than anticipated, “In one of our episodes it took us like an hour because my brother and I kept laughing for no reason,” said Hadassah. The kids enjoy watching it the final product and get a kick out of seeing how many “views” they have on YouTube.

If you would like to check out the most recent episode go to: https://youtu.be/jjMXgkLN0dY

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