GREENSBORO, N.C. — As the weather starts to warm up, you'll be spending more and more time outside. And it turns out that might still be the best way to get vitamin D. 

According to Consumer Reports, 31% of Americans 60 to 69 take high-dose vitamin D supplements. And 39% of people 70 and older did the same. But a new study from the American journal of clinical nutrition shows that they may not be as effective as we think.

They studied 379 adults 70 and older and their monthly doses of vitamin D. They found that it failed to build bone mass or prevent falls. And another analysis of 81 studies found similar results. 

Experts recommend just getting vitamin D naturally. Sunlight on the skin for 15 minutes during peak hours triggers vitamin D synthesis. You can also find it in fortified milk, orange juice, egg yolks and several types of fish. And don't take extra vitamin D unless a doctor advises you too. 


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