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Watch out! The AT&T texts are so similar, you might get scammed.

The text claimed I was overcharged, and that got my attention! Scammers use "call to action" tactics to distract you from the scam itself.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Just this morning I got this text message that looked like it was from AT&T, which is my provider. I didn’t pass it off right at the beginning because the text message started off much like other messages I’ve received about my account; AT&T Free Msg.

The greeting uses my name and spells it correctly, so again, it had my attention. The message, We accidentally surcharged your phone bill last month. Now, we all know that can happen. We are all aware companies have all these fees, so again, it had my attention.

The scam giveaway was this line: Please your compensation here and a link. Please your compensation here? That kind of grammatical error would never be on a real message. Add to it, the link is not an att.com link.

Also, when you look at the number that it's coming from, that is a giveaway too.
When you pick it apart like that, you clearly know it's a scam, but if you're already having a crazy day and you're distracted, this scam text could cost you.  It looks really similar to this real text from AT&T I got about my bill, but the text on the left is a scam.

“Scammers are excellent at making you think there is an urgent problem that you need to take care of immediately. That's how they play on all of us,” said Lechelle Yates of the BBB.

Anytime you get a text or an email that says you need to take action immediately, instead of using the link provided always go to your account and log on like you normally would, whether that's from your app or saved on your computer.  Call the phone number on your bill or your card.


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