WINSTON-SALEM, NC-- A few wrinkles, a little gray hair, that's how you know you're getting older...right? Step back from the up-close mirror shot because what you really need to pay attention to is your bones.

Wake Health Nurse Practioner Ann Lake says, “When we're in our 20, 30's and 40's we gain and lose bone about the same. We basically get a new skeleton every 8 to 10 years. From the 5th, 6th and 7th decade of our lives we begin to lose bone faster than we're able to replace over time.”

We lose calcium from our bones and our bones weaken. We can't stop age and osteoporosis, but we can slow it down. How? Your body needs 1200 mg of calcium a day which is almost impossible through diet alone. Think about it, a glass of milk is 300 milligrams. You'd need 4 glasses a day, every day to keep up. The bone health experts say try getting half through your diet and half through a calcium supplement.

And then Dr. Stacey Wolfe says, “then you need to have impact exercise. Bone grows when it has impact. So, you want to be walking or do step aerobics. Prevention is the most important thing.”

Bone health affects everyone, it doesn’t matter what your gender, body type, or how much money you make, it’s equal health. You need to pay attention to your bones.

Good news--there's free resources! Whether it's for you or someone in your life you're care-giving for. The Bone Health Workshop at Wake Health in Winston-Salem is Saturday, November 10th 9:30-noon. You will learn about nutrition, exercise, and fracture prevention from local experts.