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What Are The Safest Gift Cards On The Rack?

Keep your money away from scammers this holiday season.

For some people, it's best to get them a gift card for the holidays.

But do you know which gift cards are the safest to pick up?

Scammers often target the gift cards in the front of the rack.

They get a picture of the code on the back and wait until the card is activated.

Then they drain the card of any money before your friend or loved one even gets to use it!

The Better Business Bureau says take these safety measures:

  • Buy gift cards directly from a store's website or at the brick and mortar location. And get the gift cards from the back of the rack or ask for one from behind the counter.
  • Then give the card a thorough look. Make sure the PIN is not exposed.
  • Also get an activation receipt and keep it with the gift card.
  • Finally, you should also register the card if the retailer offers it. That makes it easier to track misuse and get your money back if you need to.