GREENSBORO, NC – The Facebook post showing a Tennessee boy talking about bullying is going viral.

Keaton told his mom to record his story and post it to share with other kids. In it he say, “They make fun of my nose, they call me ugly, they say I have no friends.” He made the video about more than just him.

He reached out to other kids being bullied too. Since last week, the post has been viewed more than 20-million times!

One of the first athletes to reach out to Keaton was University of Tennessee quarterback Jarrett Guarantano. Other big stars like Carolina Panther Graham Gano, Lebron James, Justin Beiber, and Katie Perry later shared their support.

The video had the WFMY news team talking about what defines bullying.

Burlington Police Officer Michael Paschal also sponsors the D.A.R.E. program, which focuses on keeping kids from drugs. But bullying comes up often too.

“We have the students write an essay at the end of the program. They are allowed to write about anything they wish about the program. I find it interesting that 8 or 9 out of 10 will touch on bullying. I think this is interesting because it shows how much of a problem it is. It affects them either because they have done it, they have been a victim to it or they have been a bystander and seen it happen.”

Bullying is defined by the federal government on the Stop Bullying website as "An aggressive or unwanted behavior used again and again, to isolate, harm or control another person.”

“We teach about the four forms of bullying. Verbal, Social (Leaving People Out of Excluding Them), Physical and Cyber-Bullying.”

We have resources for you…no matter what kind of bullying. Check out the site.