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What the 'Payment Status Not Available' message means

The IRS website was overwhelmed and a lot of people got this message. Does that mean you're not getting money?

GREENSBORO, N.C. — “Please wait. Due to high demand you may need to wait longer.” 

Did you see that on the IRS website when you went to check the status of your stimulus payment?

Obviously, the IRS website is under high demand on the day millions of people got their checks and millions more are waiting and checking. That’s not a surprise, right?

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A lot of folks who were able to get through are checking their payment status and got a message:

Credit: IRS

The IRS isn't saying what the problem is or the fix. Financial experts we talked to said we all need to just hang in there and see how the bugs in the system will be fixed. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not getting any money.   

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If you are going on the site to give the IRS your direct deposit information,
You're going to need specific information: Your social security number, bank name, bank account number and bank routing number.

Credit: WFMY

The routing number is the left group of numbers, the account is the right grouping.


The next wave of payments is in the next two weeks. Folks who get social security benefits of any kind are in this payment wave. And finally,  paper checks will start going out in early May.

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