GREENSBORO, N.C. - It's time for a checkup of the Affordable Care Act. Let's open the medical records to see how it's doing since passing in 2010. More Americans than ever before have health insurance.

Almost 91 percent of Americans are covered now compared to about 86 percent back in 2010. Part of the reason is because insurance providers aren't allowed to deny coverage for people with pre-existing conditions anymore. Now you can also get FREE flu shots, yearly check-ups and birth control.

But you're also paying more. The average premium for a family is $18,142. Compared to $13,871 the year before the law passed. A 30 percent increase. Sounds ridiculous! But during the same time frame before the law, premiums rose 50 percent. So the costs increases are slowing down for the average American family.

People also wondered if employers would cut hours so they don't have to provide insurance. A national human resources firm found that's not true. They say the change in part-time hours is almost "statistically insignificant."

For all that said, the law hasn't covered everyone: There are still 28 million people without insurance. About half say it's still too expensive even with the Affordable Care Act.

Now here's the important points of where each candidate stands on the issue- from Ballotpedia:

Hillary Clinton supports letting Americans enroll in Medicare when they turn 55, increasing funding for disease research, and legalizing prescription drug imports from Canada.

Donald Trump supports repealing Obamacare... reforming healthcare based on "free market principles..." and easing regulations on overseas drug providers.

Gary Johnson opposes government-mandated health insurance.

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