GREENSBORO, N.C. — Police in the Charlotte area are looking into several cases of people reportedly buying baby formula, replacing it with flour, and returning the product for cash, according to WCNC.

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The North Carolina Department of Agriculture says their regulations do not prescribe the processes for retailers regarding returned products. 

"However, out of date infant formula cannot be sold," said Heather Overton, with the department's public affairs.

"We have not investigated any cases recently of flour in baby formula," she added. "If a consumer has a complaint they can call the NCDA&CS Food and Drug Protection Division."

The North Carolina regulation regarding infant formula is 02 NCAC 09.N .0101 and outlines the "standard of quality" for infant formula.

In addition to the infant formula shall not being sold after the expiration date, the regulation says, ""infant formula" shall have the same meaning as in the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act at 21 United States Code, Section 321."

Overton says the NCDAG&CS suggests the following guidelines for consumers: 

  • Ensure that the container is intact and undamaged, labeled, not expired and from a reputable dealer.
  • For canned liquid formula, avoid cans that are rusted and/or severely dented and never use a can that appears to be leaking or bulging.
  • Parents should be alert to any changes in formula color, smell, or taste. When in doubt – throw it out. (Or return it to retailer)

To make a complaint with the NCDA&CS Food and Drug Protection Division, call 919-733-7366.