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When will NC peak? Why some health experts say, there's no peak.

Instead, Cone Health leaders say it will be a plateau, a steady stream of cases.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Health leaders and state leaders are focused on the numbers of coronavirus cases. Here's one to point out-- 100. As in there are now Covid-19 cases in every county in the state of North Carolina.

The question many people are asking is, “When will the number of cases peak?”

But Cone Health is no longer looking for a peak. “We used to use the word peak a lot, but we are avoiding that term at Cone Health because we think we are in for a long plateau, in that we will be seeing coronavirus for months and maybe that is good because we're seeing this one plateau versus a peak which would overwhelm our community and health system,” explains Chief Physician Executive Dr. Bruce Swords.  

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Instead of a peak and a big drop, Dr. Swords believes we're in for a steady stream of cases for months and that will be the new normal.  

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