WNCN -- Where will the box of Amazon stuff you ordered end up?!?!? Good question. It’s hard to answer. You see, a new scam is making its rounds on amazon.

Some third-party senders say they've sent the package, but they're really sending it to a different address, sometimes with nothing in it. And this causes a big problem for you because records show the package has been delivered, even though you never received it.

For example, Dave's Aamazon account only said his package had been delivered to Pleasanton, CA. He lives there but when he called Fed Ex to investigate,
"they said no, this was never addressed to your address. It was delivered to a corporate address."

“Where” according to Amazon was "handed directly to a receptionist" and someone named Eda signed for it, "that's definitely not me."

And he's not alone. Other Amazon buyers are now complaining of what they call a "new scam".

“All Amazon at the current time seems to check for is that the package was delivered and signed for in that same city and state." Amazon says with the A-to-Z guarantee, customers are always protected, but like the others, Dave's claim was "denied...despite fed-ex records not once, but three times, after which Amazon said it may not reply to further e-mails

So, WNCN reached out to Amazon, which finally agreed to refund his money, saying "amazon does not tolerate fraud."

The best way to protect yourself, buy from an established amazon seller with multiple reviews.