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Where is my stimulus money? Why the IRS can't find you for your stimulus payment.

If you owed the IRS in the last two years, chances are, the IRS can't see your bank account to automatically direct deposit stimulus money.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — When, when, when will you get your stimulus payment?

It depends on whether the IRS has your bank info or not. And even though you THINK they have it, here’s why the IRS may not.

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According to the Washington Post, The CARES ACT  did not allow the IRS to use bank account information of taxpayers who owed and paid the IRS.

The act only allowed the IRS access to the bank account information of taxpayers who got refunds.

So, ONLY those taxpayers who got refunds got an automatic direct deposit of stimulus money.

If you owed the IRS in the last two years, your bank info doesn't show up for the IRS. You will have to put your info in or wait for a paper check.

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