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Where is your September Advanced Child Tax Credit payment?

Parents are telling us they didn't get their payment, even though they're eligible. How to track your payment.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Where is your September Advanced Child Tax Credit payment? You’re not the only one wondering.

Monica posted her status from the IRS showing she's eligible for the payments and automatically enrolled. At the bottom, it confirms her July and August payments, but there's nothing about September.

 Monica says, “I'm so confused about what's going on with the IRS.”

Others chimed in saying they were told to check the child portal again the next day or that they can’t figure out why they didn’t get this month’s payment.

The IRS isn't saying. Last month, the IRS switched some folks to a paper check instead of direct deposit, but the IRS sent out info about it. This time, we haven't heard anything.


You can check your status with the child tax credit portal daily. It won't change hourly, so don't waste your time. Check it once a day.

You can track your IRS Advanced Child Tax Credit payment, but you have to wait a specific amount of time before you ask the IRS to trace your payment.  

A9. You can request a payment trace to track your payment if you have not received it within the timeframes below. We will not be able to trace your payment unless it has been:

  • 5 days since the deposit date and the bank says it hasn't received the payment 
  • 4 weeks since the payment was mailed by check to a standard address 
  • 6 weeks since the payment was mailed, and you have a forwarding address on file with the local post office 
  • 9 weeks since the payment was mailed, and you have a foreign address

To start a payment trace, mail or fax a completed Form 3911, Taxpayer Statement Regarding Refund.

The bottom line here, there are no quick answers.
The bright spot, the money isn't gone forever. You can claim more on the Child Tax Credit when you file your taxes in 2022.



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