If you have insurance, you can likely get the flu shot for free and possibly get money off the deal.

Lifehacker.com put together a list:

Target's pharmacies offer a $5 Target coupon when you get your shot there.

CVS offers a $5-off-$25 coupon when you get your flu shot, plus a $5 ExtraBucks reward for members.

Safeway, according to GoodRx, offers 10% off your groceries when you get a flu vaccine.

Walgreens doesn't offer discounts, but it does have the Give-a-Shot, Get-a-Shot program, where your vaccine purchase helps fund vaccinations for children in need around the world.

AT Costco, you can get a shot that protects against four flu strains for $19.99. You don’t need to be a member to get a flu shot at Costo. Just tell the person at the door you are there for the pharmacy.