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Where Your Tax Money Is Being Spent At Schools & Parks & Pensions

NC bonds are being used for school and parks upgrades. State Treasurer Dale Folwell talks the bonds and pensions.

You've heard, “save for a rainy day”. And we've had some lately!

On the upside, our state's rainy day fund is worth turning that frown upside down with $1.8 8 Billion in the coffers.

Anytime you have money, “just in case”, that can't be a bad thing, right? State Treasurer Dale Folwell is here talking all kinds of money things.

“We just issued the second round of connect NC Bonds. In Guilford County you're looking at….”

North Carolina A&T State University: $90 million

UNC-Greensboro: $105 million

Guilford Technical Community College: $9.5 million

National Guard: $70 million

Haw River State Park: $1.5 million

Each facility has their own list of what they'll use the money for. But when it comes to parks, there's an easy way for you to see what's going to be done. The NC Parks site allows you to click on the parks--and find out if they're buying more land or updating the campground.

Now onto pension earnings. Earnings were 7.3% for the fiscal year (that's above the 7% we project it will earn) but the pension fund still hasn't met expectations on average for the last 20 years.

What are the long term issues with that? Folwell explains today on 2WTK at 5:30pm.

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