Girl Scout cookies are a time-honored tradition. But this year, thieves are taking advantage of the kids. The Brownies in Troop 42452 learned the hard way that not all adults have the best intentions.

Troop leader Dina Dahl said they were shocked when they realized what happened. “I took it to the bank and they were running it through the machine and it stopped and they said you have two counterfeit bills here,” she explained.

They found a third bill and now the troop is out $60. “It's shocking and kind of a wake-up call that we can't trust whatever bill we're given, we can't just trust everyone who comes to our booth."

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The girls are selling the cookies to raise money for a trip and a service project, now they're checking every bill. “It feels really sad because I don't like fake money,” 8-year-old Alexis Jay said.

Troop leaders say they're lucky considering what happened to a troop outside a Tacoma Fred Meyer. Saturday evening, two men with a gun tried to rob that bunch.

The thieves didn't get any cash or cookies but those involved are understandably shaken. A different troop selling cookies there Sunday said some people were coming up and giving them donations because they couldn’t believe what happened.

An Edmonds troop lost a hundred dollars to a counterfeit bill. Leaders think the Girl Scout Council might cover the loss but it's disappointing anyone would take from the kids.

“It’s the lowest of the low,” Troop Leader Karen Knight explained. “You’re stealing from little girls who are making a huge effort to do their best in the community.”

Cookie sales continue for about another week. The girls will have to sell a significant amount of cookies to make up for the losses, especially since they keep less than a dollar from the sale price of every box.

Several troops have also reported problems with people grabbing boxes and running. Troop Leaders hope the public will help look out for local girl scouts when they see a booth outside a store.