MIAMI (CBSMiami) — A new study shows many people feel uncomfortable or intimidated asking for a raise. According to CBS Miami, the study revealed most workers feel they deserve a raise, but less than half are willing to ask for one.

The survey, from employment agency Robert Half, stated most professionals don’t feel confident asking for a raise.

The fear of rejection may be why 36 percent of people would rather clean their house than ask for a raise. Close to 14 percent would rather look for a new job altogether and 5 percent prefer getting a root canal.

Ryan Sutton, with Robert Half employment agency, said “Even though you know you deserve a raise, you’re just a little apprehensive to talk about it.”

Sutton stated asking for a raise can be easier if you’re prepared. The best way to ask, is to go in knowing what the average salary is for your position and practice for the boss by role-playing the meeting with a friend or co-worker.

“You’ll go in prepared and if anything you’ll just have a little more confidence going in,” said Sutton.

Experts said a little bit of homework, some negotiation and a lot of confidence can result in successfully achieving a raise.