GREENSBORO, NC -- Think about it, you leave your fingerprints all over the place.

In fact, a technology safety expert says using your fingerprints for authentication for your phone or tablet is like putting your password on post-its and leaving them everywhere!

"If your smartphone is stolen and someone wants your fingerprint, they just look at the smart phone because your fingerprints are all over it, " says Joseph Steinberg, CEO of Secure My Social.

2WTK talked with Steinberg by Skype this week. "Fingerprints sound like they're good for authentication because as children we're told everyone has a unique fingerprint, and you can't copy it to somebody else. The reality is you leave your fingerprints all over the place everyday. so, if someone wants them, they can get them ."

Instead, Steinberg says use a secure passcode. If your phone is ever stolen you can at least change your code, you can never change your fingerprints.