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Call For Action Team Gets Triad Couple $1,800 Apartment Refund Check

After finding what they say was a dirty apartment, and less than 30 minutes after paying their deposit the Triad couple decided they didn't want to rent the unit.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Jim and Nilah Barrett had the house all packed up and the movers were scheduled. The retired couple was all set to move from their home in Winston-Salem to an apartment in Kernersville, “We had a buyer for the house, and we were excited to move,” said Nilah Barrett.

When the Barretts started their search for a new place a manager at the complex showed them a model apartment that would be like the one, they would be renting. The couple signed a lease for the apartment at the beginning of May and went to move in at the end of the month.

The Barretts met with the apartment manager, paid their deposit and last month's rent before they were handed the keys to their new apartment, “We were given keys to the gym and the pool,” said Nilah Barrett.

It was supposed to be a new beginning of sorts for the couple. Unfortunately, things took a bit of a turn after they walked inside the unit, “There was a big streak or scratch on the floor right when you walked in,” said Jim Barrett. That was the first of what the Barrett’s say were several issues.

It only took the couple five minutes to realize this was not where they wanted to live, “(Nilah) found mold on the bedroom door,” said Jim Barrett. About 10 minutes after paying their deposit the Barretts went back to the office and told the manager they couldn’t live there, “We had made up our minds,” said Nilah Barrett.

The couple gave the keys back to the manager and asked to get their deposit check back, “They told us we would not get any money back,” said Nilah Barrett.

The next day the Barretts reached out to our Call for Action Volunteers to see if we could help. After looking into the case one of our team members reached out to the complex manager. We were then told to contact a person at the corporate office.

It took a couple of days, but we eventually reached someone. When we asked about the Barretts refund we were told, “No comment” before the person hung up the phone, “We didn’t think we were going to get a refund,” said Jim Barrett.

About a week later we reached out to the corporate office again to see if we could talk with a manager. A lady came on the phone and while she would not tell us her name, she did tell us we should reach out to the Barrett’s.

When we called and spoke with Jim, he informed us the apartment complex had just called and agreed to refund all their money except a $100 credit check, “It was wonderful,” said Jim Barrett.

It took the couple a few days to unpack all their stuff but for now, they will be staying in their Winston-Salem home, “We appreciate (News 2) and what you do, thank you,” said Nilah Barrett.


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