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Winter fun: How to take the best snow pics, make snow cream & the 'to-do' list before flakes fall

Before Saturday night, gas up the car & grill, charge devices & power packs, refill daily RX.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Snow and North Carolina. You know what that means, right? A run on milk and bread! Seriously, you do need to have a few things on hand.

I asked folks, ‘When do you run out for the milk and bread or whatever you need?’
47% Been there and done that.
20% Stop at the store every day until Sunday
32% When the flakes fall
That's a poll of about 95 people.

Wherever you land on this list, your to-do list includes:

Charging up all your cellphone power banks and your devices.

Check the cabinet for the prescription drugs you take on a daily basis and if you are close to a refill, get it done.

Gas up your vehicles, spare containers for generators and grills

Gather batteries, flashlights, and candles now


The best way to get the action photos with your phone is to take video.
Once you take the video, you can scroll through the video frames at the bottom to find the action shot you want. It will be clear and catch the expression and the experience without any of the blurriness of simply taking a picture.


Credit: WFMY

Here are a few twists to the standard recipe from ChasingTheSeasons.com:

  • Add coconut cream instead of milk.
  • Make maple snow cream. Just add maple syrup -- take out vanilla and sugar.
  • For sweet cream, add sweetened condensed milk instead of the milk.

Chill the utensils before starting. Put the whisk, mixing spoon, and bowl in the fridge or put them outside. It will keep the snow cream from melting.

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