It looks like a Yeti, feels like one, but it's the Walmart knock-off and it's under $10. Here's the question:  Can the generic possibly work as good as the $35 version?

Just recently, did a test. Here's the skinny on their  their process and findings:

Both the Yeti & the Ozark are made of stainless steel, they're double-wall insulated,  claim to be BPA free, but only the Yeti is dishwasher safe. The Yeti offers only a 5 year warranty while the Ozark offers a lifetime warranty for under $10. did  temperature tests. A 24 hour test of hot liquid. A 15 hour test of cold liquid. Their findings? In the hot water test, both dropped in temperature at the same rate. In the cold water test, both maintained their temperatures the same. 

2WTK took it one step further when  Ben Briscoe climbed up on the roof to test the durability


The Yeti was unusable after the first toss. The lid busted apart. The Ozark stood strong. After a couple more tosses from the roof, The Ozark has a few minor dents, but the Yeti lost its lid and shape.