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Where is your stimulus payment?

Your payment may be bouncing back to the IRS. Maybe you didn't get the $500 for a dependent. You can still get the money.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — How many stimulus payments have been sent out? The IRS counts at least 159 million. That’s impressive unless you’re one of the nine or so million who still don’t have their stimulus money.

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Why don’t you have it? There are several likely scenarios:

  • You don't normally file taxes.
  • Your banking information the IRS has on file is wrong.
  • The Post Office couldn't deliver your check.
  • Your payment was wrong.

If you don't normally file taxes:

And you're not claimed as a dependent by anyone you don't receive social security then you need to use the non-filers tool to give the IRS your info.
This portal is open until October 15.

If your banking info was wrong:

The payment goes back to the IRS and you will get a paper check. It takes up to 14 days after all that happens to get a check.

If the Post Office can't deliver the check to a listed address: 

The check goes back to the IRS. The agency will update your payment status on the Get My Payment site to need more information and you can enter it in.

If your payment was wrong:

For example, if you didn't get the $500 for a child under 17-- at this point you'll have to wait until you file your 2020 taxes and you'll get the tax credit then.

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