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You Don't Have To Pay For A Good Antivirus Program

You can get excellent antivirus protection without spending a dime.

With all these hackers, viruses, and data breaches, you really can't go without some kind of antivirus protection on your computer. But you can break the bank if you're not careful. Consumer Reports shows us some of the best protection that won't cost you anything.

Bit Defender, Avast, and Avira's free antivirus programs all performed really well in testing. Windows 10 Defender, the antivirus software that comes installed on Windows computers, didn't perform as well as the other three but still offers solid protection.

And paying a lot won't even guarantee good service. Malwarebytes' $60 premium service and Doctor Web Security Space's $50 service both scored lower than windows defender.

Apple users need protection too. Your best paid options are Norton Security Deluxe and D Data antivirus.

But Avira also offers a solid free option for mac users.