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Your Gas Bill Could Go Up 9 Percent

Piedmont Natural Gas is asking for a 9% rate raise. You have an opportunity to put your 2-cents in on it.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — When Piedmont Natural Gas announced on April 1st they wanted to raise rates, it wasn't a joke. The utility is looking for a 9% raise in NC.   

According to a PNG email to customers, this is the first general rate increase in NC  since 2013.The utility is seeking to recover costs related to system growth, pipeline work and safety and security upgrades.

For example, my smallest bill this year was $25. An extra 9% is $2.25.My biggest bill was $200, a 9% increase is now an extra $18.

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Before the rate increase can be voted on by the Utilities Commission, there has to be public meetings. Those meetings are in July in Charlotte, Wilmington, Raleigh and right here in High Point.

PNG Public Meeting: Tuesday, July 9th at 7pm at the High Point Courthouse. 

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