Have you ever been talking with a friend about something like buying a car only to find a bunch of ads for dealerships on your phone the next day? It almost makes you think that someone is listening, right?

Well, they are, at least according to one industry expert. Cordes Owen, president of a digital marketing agency, Bake More Pies, says your phone is "absolutely" recording you. He says Bake More Pies doesn't do the recording. But they do pay to have access to the information that services record.

He says they then take that information and use it to create ads that are targeted to consumers. Those services gather demographic, behavioral, and even psychographic information.

If you ever get an ad and wonder why it was shown to you, you can find out. The ads that have those blue arrows in the corner have the answers. Click the blue arrow and they'll usually have information on why you're being shown it.

Part of this comes from apps using your phone's microphone but you can shut that off. Head to your settings and find the privacy settings. Check your microphone and you'll find any apps that have access to it. You can revoke all of their microphone privileges if you want. But be forewarned, you won't be able to use any of those apps to take a video or make a recording.

That's the price you'll have to pay for privacy.