Undated -- You need to pay close attention to this consumer alert because its your money--- and the schemers are trying to find a way to get their hands on it!

Our news partners at USA TODAY got this tech question: "I saw online that there could be unclaimed money with my name on it out there. Is this just a scam or is there something to this?"

The answer is two parts.First-- unclaimed money isn't a scheme. It's real and you may have cash you don't know about just waiting for you.

For example, maybe you forgot to get the deposit back from the utility company of your first apartment. By law they can't keep the money.

The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators links to every state's unclaimed property database.

Just click a state on the map to go to that state's unclaimed money site.You should search every state you've lived in. In NC, you're linked to the Dept. of State Treasurer.

Now to the second part of the answer. This information is FREE! So if someone offers to find you unclaimed money-- for a charge don't fall for it! You can do it yourself!