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You're Driving. You Need To Know This About School Buses When Stop Arm is Out

There are only two times you DON'T have to stop when you're on the opposite side of a school bus. Just two.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — When do you stop? When is it okay to keep going? Don't guess. A kid's life could be hanging in the balance and at the very least, you could be out $500. 

Here's the biggest thing to note:

If you're behind a school bus,  even if it's in the next lane, and it stops then you stop.

There are only two times oncoming traffic does not have to stop for a bus: 

(1) When there is a divided highway of four lanes with a median and 

(2) When there are four lanes with a center turning lane.

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Credit: DOT

Just in case you needed extra incentive to NOT pass a school bus, it's a minimum fine of $500. And remember, many school buses have cameras on them to catch drivers. 

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