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2020 Honor Card more important than ever in helping people experiencing homelessness

A Triad holiday tradition in helping other returns and is more important than ever in helping our neighbors in need.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The holidays are fast approaching and a Triad tradition for holiday help is here. For the 33rd year in a row local artist William Mangum released his honor card and a chance for you to help people experiencing homelessness in our communities. Since 1988 - the honor card program has raised more than $8.5 million. That money goes to 13 different Triad charities, the largest being Greensboro Urban Ministry. 

Executive Director Myron Wilkins said purchasing a $5 card to send to someone is more important than ever. 

"Particularly during this time people are shut down and it's Christmas and holiday season and it's going to be very difficult for many people, so this is a way to send a note to folks to let them know you're thinking about them and let them know that that note is also helping their neighbors in need throughout Greensboro," Wilkins said.

This year Greensboro Urban Ministry has made several changes to safely help people during the pandemic. They started a grab and go meal service, are paying for people to stay in hotels, have exponentially expanded their rent and mortgage help program and are expanding their lobby to space people out.

"All of those things are great and we're making great strides to help as many people as possible with food, shelter and other solutions, but it cost to do those things," Wilkins said. "This year the honor card and hopefully the money raised, now more than ever we need people to partner with us to help us, to one gift some holiday cheer with the cards but two to finance us to help us take care of a growing need."

The theme of this year's card is "You're Gonna be OK." Mangum said he was inspired by the impact of the coronavirus and what it's done to our lives. 

In an online post Mangum wrote, "The quarantines and self isolation only gives a glimpse of what aloneness feels like.  But every setback is also an opportunity to recover and a chance to become stronger.  We have learned to cope and deal with difficult and unexpected developments and it has lead us to use skills that we didn’t know we possessed and has given us a passion to move forward despite the darkness the viral epidemic has caused."

100% of the card's proceeds go to those 13 organizations because of donations to cover the production cost. You can read more and purchase an honor card to help Triad charities here

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