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60 homicides in Greensboro this year, a record-breaking number

The latest victim: A teenager killed in a drive-by shooting over the weekend. Family and friends set up a memorial for Christina Jones.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Violence has been a problem in Greensboro this year. The record-breaking homicide rate keeps climbing.

It went up to 60 after Christina Jones, 18, died in a drive-by shooting on Saturday.

Since then, family and friends have set up a memorial for her at the corner of South and Ogden streets.

Friends, Kaparius Johnson and Janiyah Clark, visited the memorial to pay their respects on Monday. 

"She just turned 18, she didn’t even get to see Christmas this year. It’s wrong," Johnson said"This one tore me up. I can't believe it."

"She’s innocent and she was a good person," Clark said. "She was always happy, always kept a smile on her face, never had any type of negative energy around her. She was cool with everybody, like, she was a good person."

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Credit: WFMY News 2

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Another person was shot in the drive-by. Police said the person was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. 

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As of Monday, police said they were not releasing further details on the investigation.

911 calls reveal the suspect may have driven toward S. Elm Eugene Street after opening fire, which also resulted in many bullet holes in homes in the area.

Credit: WFMY News 2

The shooting happened in the middle of the day, around 3 p.m.

Greensboro Police Chief Brian James addressed the increasingly bold nature of some criminals recently that are shooting in broad daylight. 

"A lot of your violent crimes used to occur at night under the cover of darkness," James said. "We have criminals with a different mindset than what they had even just a few years ago now."

Jones' dad left a message on a poster at her memorial that reads:

To my angel, my firstborn. This is a small token of my love for you. Daddy's girl.

"She was a good person. She didn’t deserve this. She didn’t deserve none of this, not her mom, not her sister, not her dad," Clark said. 

"She wasn't planning on staying in Greensboro either, they were supposed to move out of this place before she died," both friends said. 

Credit: WFMY News 2

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