GREENSBORO, N.C. — Driving past Hilltop Road in Greensboro, you'll see a lot of green among the metals in the D.H. Griffin scrap yard. Well, lime to be exact. 

Dozens of Lime Bikes are piled up.

A lot of our WFMY News 2 viewers wanted to know why. 

Erin Saunders posted the photos of the bikes on Facebook with the question, 'why didn't {Lime Bike} donate them to people in need or something?'

WFMY News 2 first contacted the City of Greensboro. A City spokesperson said Lime Bike manages its own fleet, so the City does not have control over what is done to the bikes. 

Lime Bike representatives say the bikes at the Greensboro scrap yard are in the process of being recycled. 

Representative Alex Youn said it's normal for Lime Bike to recycle bikes once they reach the 'end of life,' or in other words, are no longer in good condition.

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Youn said Lime Bike 'would love' to donate to nonprofits and other organizations but when the company recycles its bikes, it’s because they are no longer in working condition so it would end up becoming a safety issue or financial burden, rather than beneficial.

Youn said the bikes undergo a lengthy recycling process in order to be environmentally friendly. 

WFMY News 2 also reached out to Nicole Lindahl of Bicycling in Greensboro. Lindahl sent the following statement: 

“Lime uses fasteners and other parts that are not compatible with traditional bikes in order to prevent theft. This would make it difficult and impractical for the general public to repair or replace parts. Ideally, Lime would fix and reuse bikes when repair is an option and completely strip and recycle the parts when repair is not an option.”