GREENSBORO, NC --- While driving down Wendover Ave in Greensboro you may see a sign, “We Get Dirt, You Save A Life.”

The non-profit behind the slogan is the Malachi House II, which helps recovering addicts across the Triad.

When in the program you get food, clothing, shelter and a job that will help you build your resume.

On the 3000 block of Wendover Ave, across from Guilford Technical Community College, men from the Malachi House II are working and hand-washing cars.

One worker, Gary, said that working at the car wash gets him back into a regular routine and working normal hours.

According to the manager at the car wash, the men was an average of 30 cars a day on weekdays, and 100-150 a day on weekends.

If you want to donate to help the men of the Malachi House you can go to their website.