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Snow showers expected 'on & off' overnight

Roads may become slick as temperatures drop below freezing

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Have you seen rain? Snow? Some sticking? None at all? It's been that kind of storm in the Triad so far. Very localized impacts mean big differences over small areas tonight. 

What's happening next? 

Scattered snow showers will continue through the overnight. Generally, they'll taper off between 2 and 4am across the Triad. It took a while for rain to change to snow on Friday night, limiting accumulation. Even in heavier snow bands, snow has had a hard time accumulating. 

As temperatures drop below freezing overnight, any snow that continues to fall will have an easier time sticking.

The National Weather Service issued Winter Weather Advisories for all of the Piedmont Triad area. This means light snow accumulations of 1 to 2 inches are expected and difficult travel could be an issue overnight into Saturday. 

What is the timing?

  • Snow showers continue on and off overnight
  • Snow tapers off early Saturday morning (4-6am)
  • Sunny and cold Saturday & Sunday

How much snow will we get? 

In much of the Triad area, we could see anywhere from a coating of snow to up to one or two inches. At this point, most areas will end up on the low side because it took so long to changeover in the first place.

If you're heading to the North Carolina mountains, a widespread 2-4 inches is likely.

Will the roads be bad for traveling? 

Just like last weekend, it wouldn't take much snow for roads to get slick and slippery. Even a coating to half an inch of snow can do that. 

With the burst of snow most likely for our area Friday evening, roads could become covered with snow anywhere after 10 p.m. If they do, travel will become more difficult and more dangerous. We see wrecks every time it snows, so if you plan to be out you should also plan to be far more cautious. 

Keep in mind. We'll drop into the 20s by morning so any wet or snowy roadways could ice up easily. 

Credit: WFMY News 2

Do we have to worry about ice or power outages? 

This will not be an ice event. Either rain or snow, with very little in between. For us, it's looking like a brief time of rain followed by some hours of Friday night snow. Power outages should not be a big concern. 

Gusty winds will reach 25 to 35 mph at times on Saturday. This could create an isolated power outage in spots. 

Credit: WFMY

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