ALAMANCE COUNTY, NC -- Alamance-Burlington School System leaders approved a redistricting map that would send hundreds of students to different schools.

The school board approved new district lines during a public meeting Monday night.

Board officials are still debating when the new map will go into effect and which students might be grandfathered in to certain high schools.

Board members is expected to vote on whether the new district lines will go into effect starting in Fall 2017 at their next board meeting in February.


A heated battle has almost reached its tipping point in Alamance County as the school board prepares to vote on proposed new school attendance lines Monday night.

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Dr. William Harrison, Superintendent for the Alamance Burlington School System says the redistricting plan will impact every single parent and every single student in Alamance Burlington School district.

As it stands now, the plan could send hundreds of students to different schools as early as next school year.

The main reason for the redistricting is to ease overcrowding, according to Dr. Harrison.

Harrison says some schools have several hundred more students than they can handle.

“I've made a practice for a long time to not do something for one child at the expense of others. This is in the best interest of all 22,500+ children,” said Harrison.

But the whole idea of redistricting is scary for parents, teachers, and kids.

"Something has to be done,” said Mary Smith, a grandmother of two children in ABSS. “I know we are going to be uncomfortable going through this. We don't like change but I think it something that has to be done."

For parents like Brittany Bigelow, transportation is a big concern.

"I believe that parents that don't have cars, I think it makes it harder,” said Bigelow. “It makes it a lot harder for them to figure out especially if a child gets sick how you were going to get your child picked up."

If the school board approves the redistricting plan, there will be a lot of changes.

More than 320 middle and high school students could be forced to change schools as early as next school year.

According to Dr. Harrison, more than 3,000 students would be moved over the next 5 years.

Harrison says the biggest impact will be on the schools in the Western part of the county.

Cummings High School will be converted in to a school of the arts.

Graham High School will become a trade academy.

The district also plans to build a brand new high school between Eastern and Southern Alamance High Schools.

Harrison says they want to create equal education opportunities for all students in the district.

"(Parents) don't like to move and I understand that and I respect that,” said Harrison. “I care about each child and all of our schools. But at the end of the day, my obligation is to all 22,500."

This redistricting issue has been talked about for years.

Monday night, the school board is hosting its 8th public hearing, then the vote will happen after that.

Dr. Harrison says he expects the board to approve the overall plan, but he says the board might make some tweaks.

To view a map of the proposed new district lines and a bullet-pointed list of the impacts that the redistricting plan will have, click here.