ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. -- — Millions of people left the coast to avoid Florence, and many of them are now staying in the Triad.

Imagine your family of 6 is preparing for Florence, then you offer help to a friend.

Now your family of 6, is a family of 12, hunkering down for the storm.

At the Copeland's coastal home of Wilmington is the roar of Florence, however, at their new home for the week, a different roar of laughter.

"The kids have loved it. It's been like an extended slumber party... nerf gun battle, video games, making slime, Barbie dolls, my little pony," said Derek Tang, who lives in Burlington.

The Copeland's came to stay with the Tang's in Burlington while Florence does her worst.

Do the math, the Copeland's are a family of six, and so are the Tang's. That means there are 12 people, six of which are kids, four cats, and one dogs all in one house.

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"We've got some people on the chaise, the sofa turns into a bed, we've got the love seat here, a couple of beds and couches in the other room so wherever you find a spot," said James Copeland, who just planted a brand new church in Wilmington last week.

Although the kids are having a blast, making an adult decision to leave their home, wasn't easy.

"There was this wrestling match that had to happen, because you don't want to leave everything behind, you're afraid how hard it's going to be to get back," said Copeland.

Deep down, after the backyard races are over, the kids have fears too.

"Scared our house will get destroyed, and the windows will get crushed, and all our stuff would not be there," said Lucy, the youngest Copeland child.

Don't worry, That was about the only time the whole time we were there that Lucy wasn't happy.

The Copeland's say it takes such a weight off them to know their kids, are safe, and smiling.