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Mom's message to person who took 1-year-old: 'Don't be irritated by his crying, he's just a baby'

An Amber Alert was issued Wednesday morning for Blaise Barnett.

CLARKSTON, Ga. — UPDATE: The search for 1-year-old Blaise Barnett has ended after he was found safe Thursday afternoon. The child was found at a home off Rogers Street, which is less than a mile from where he went missing Wednesday morning. 

ORIGINAL STORY: An Amber Alert was issued early Wednesday morning for a 1-year-old boy who was inside a family vehicle when it was stolen from an apartment complex in Clarkston, police said.

Blaise Barnett was last seen wearing a black shirt with blue dinosaurs, a diaper and was wrapped in a blanket when the gray 2002 Ford Explorer was taken from 1000 Montreal Road in Clarkston. 

11Alive spoke to the boy's emotional mother who has a message for those responsible. 

"We're not holding up too good, but we're trying," Deonna Bray said. 

The 1-year-old's mother said the only message she has is to bring the baby home safely.

Credit: 11Alive

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"If he's cold, just keep him warm. I know he's crying right now. Don't get upset at the crying. He's just a baby. He doesn't know what's going on. He doesn't know who you are. Don't get irritated. I beg you."

She said the family went grocery shopping. When the boy's dad brought the nephew inside and some of the groceries into the apartment, he came back outside 30 seconds later to find both the car with Blaise inside gone. 

Police said the vehicle had been located around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday by a condo complex near Memorial College Avenue. However, the child nor his car seat was in the vehicle. The SUV has been taken to the GBI as the investigation continues. 

His great aunt, Shonetine Miller said that she knows everyone makes mistakes, but hopes those responsible will trust God. 

"We do have compassion in our heart -- and we trust God that he will have some compassion and drop our nephew off to the safest location." 

The police said the FBI is assisting with the investigation. 

The parents said Wednesday night they are living on faith that they will find Blaise safe, and soon.

They returned to the abandoned apartments off of Memorial Drive in Clarkston where earlier police had found their stolen SUV, and searched again with flashlights, in case Blaise might have been left inside one of the vacant units.

And they prayed.

"And we know God can perform miracles!" said a family friend, Courtney Chapman, leading family and friends in prayer on the lawn outside of the parents' apartment in Clarkston, just before they resumed their search.

Blaise's mother, Deonna Bray, and his father, Xavier Barnett, held hands, and embraced during the prayers. They've been without sleep for more than 24 hours, and they are aching for Blaise, thinking of how he is just starting to walk, and how he's never been away from them until now. And they're thinking of how quickly the car thief jumped into their SUV and sped away with Blaise in his car seat, in the back.

“I’m covered in emotions. I’m sad. I’m mad. I’m angry. I’m hurt," Bray said through tears, as Chapman and everyone prayed in unison, “Everybody, say Baby Blaise! We need you home, not tomorrow, but now!

“I’ve never been away from him like this, where it’s like, I don’t know where he’s at." She took a breath. "So I’m hurt.”

Investigators are urging anyone who might know where Blaise is to call Clarkston Police, 404-557-8956, or call 911.

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