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Archdale two-time cancer survivor beats coronavirus while self-quarantining at home

"I prayed the entire time that God would heal me and would help me breathe and stay out of the hospital," said Tammy Fulp.

ARCHDALE, N.C. — "I can't describe to you how hard it was to walk. You feel like you're going to pass out when you take two or three steps."

Tammy Fulp of Archdale said that's just some of the pain she endured in April while self-quarantined for 14 days fighting coronavirus.

"When I heard I had that, it was surreal. I kept thinking how much can one body endure physically," said Fulp. 

Fulp has a compromised immune system and is a two-time leukemia survivor.

She said her husband was exposed to coronavirus at work. He contracted the virus before her, but only had mild symptoms. For her, getting the virus meant her life was at stake. However, she decided to steer clear of the hospital and fight the virus at home. 

"I'm a strong faith Christian. I prayed the entire time that God would heal me and would help me breathe and stay out of the hospital. With my compromised immune system, it would have been hard for me to go there and be exposed to other things and the respirator would have been a huge risk for me," said Fulp.

Fulp said she used her faith and the same fight she had during her battle with leukemia to get through it.

"I worked really hard to focus on breathing," she said. 

Now, she's feeling much better and is back teaching her middle school students virtually.

She wants others fighting the coronavirus to know they can win the battle.

"What I want others to know is, with God you can get through anything. You have to toughen up and fight when you go through things like this." 

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