GREENSBORO, N.C. -- As we learn more about the mass shooting in Las Vegas, area law enforcement are taking a close look at their security policies.

The Greensboro Police Department says officers already train for situations involving active shooters, but some situations you just can't plan for.

"The number one thing you fall back on is training and adrenaline, because that is going to help you focus," said Deputy Chief Mike Richey.

The North Carolina Department of Justice requires active shooter training for all police officers in the state. The training was put in place in response to the shootings at Columbine High School in 1999.

"Our first priority is the threat, the person who is committing the attack," Deputy Chief Richey explained. "And our first priority is to neutralize that attack. That's it, that's what we have to do."

Deputy Chief Richey says GPD officers take at least one 4 to 8 hour training course per year that deals specifically with active shooters.

They also plan ahead for big events like concerts and festivals.

"We focus on probable dangers which are easy to predict such as traffic at an outdoor festival or crowds and fights happening at those festivals. But we also think of the possibilities," Deputy Chief Richey said.

Law enforcement, fire and EMS work together to make contingency plans for emergency situations like a mass shooter.

"It's a very somber reminder and one that we hope we don't have again," said Deputy Chief Richey. "But that awareness will help us all be safer together and help look out for each other."

According to Deputy Chief Richey, the department will look closely at what lessons can be learned from the tragic shooting in Las Vegas. He said it's too soon to tell if any changes will be made.