GREENSBORO, N.C. -- — It's easy to spot the signs of places with no power. There are empty parking lots, the lights aren't on, and oh yeah, the actual signs saying "No Power."

"We had to stay closed. There was nothing we could do without power," said Prenshawn Smith, an employee at Madvapes on Battleground Avenue.

Today though, finally, different signs.

Open signs.

"Very happy. We see our customers again, we're able to serve our customers again," said Queenie Lao, the General Manager at Sapporo Japanese Steakhouse.

Businesses in Battleground Village got power back at around 2 on Saturday, nearly 48 hours after they lost it.

"Bad to see the customer come, and you have to tell them we have no power. That's not fun at all," said Lao.

Sapporo Japanese Steakhouse, and Madvapes both opened up as soon as power came back, but they both couldn't give employees their full hours this week because when the power goes out, there's not much to do.

"Yes, the workers have lost their time," said Lao.

"It's a couple days we don't get to work, but at the same time, We just have to make sure our inventory is good," said Smith.

Many restaurants also had to throw out a lot of food.

So while the businesses took their bumps and bruises, seeing those open signs helps heal the wounds.

"Everybody has their job back haha! And everybody gets to eat their food. Customer gets to come in and enjoy their food," said Lao.

"Just a lot of relief. We've got a couple sales going on, but besides that I'm just waiting for more customers," said Smith.