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To reopen or stay closed? That's the question in NC with stay-at-home order ending in 2 weeks

A Triad salon owner doesn't know if she'll survive for another month. A mom of a 7-year-old battling leukemia wants to make sure it's safe before the state reopens.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — National, state and local leaders plan - while workers, employers, and neighbors debate: reopen, or stay at home.

We're all in this together - it's a sentiment that's been echoed by many for the past several weeks. But, different people have different opinions - and experiences when it comes to the coronavirus.

While some pray to reopen, others say - if more time is needed to slow the spread - we should take it. 

Triad salon owner and hairstylist of 25 years, Ann Cox says the past few weeks have been challenging.

"My whole career has stopped, and everybody else's has to, so it's very hard for us," she said. 

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Her business deemed non-essential - with no clients or money coming in - she worries a stay-at-home extension could have drastic consequences.

"It would be so devastating because I don't think that we can survive another 30 days," Cox said. 

Cox said she'll abide by whatever's necessary to start up again. 

"If I have to take temperatures, I'll take temperatures! If I have to wear a hazmat suit I will wear a hazmat suit. I want to do my job," she said.

Nicole Kloesz, mom of 7-year-old Hannah, who is battling leukemia, also hopes for a reopening but only if and when it's safe. 

"All of us want to be together - to definitely join up with our friends for the backyard barbecues and the cookouts and the pool openings - but it would be absolutely devastating to open those prematurely, only to have a second wave hit and have to close them down again, and know that we could've done something to prevent it," she said.

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She says Hannah's latest chemo treatment took more than double the time than normal because of a shortage of respiratory supplies.

"Being in the hospital for an additional four hours, regardless of all the safety measures and protocols that are in place, it definitely heightens you know the level of exposure," Kloesz said. 

For now, the family continues to plead for everyone to stay home. 

"You need to stay home to stay safe. If you go out, you could get sick too," Hannah said.

Again the state's stay-at-home order expires in just two weeks. The Governor has not yet said whether he'll extend it.

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