THOMASVILLE, NC - Ashes accidentally donated to a Goodwill in Thomasville were reunited with the family on Tuesday, June 20th.

Jaymie Eichorn, Goodwill's VP of Marketing and Communications told News 2, the family wanted to stay anonymous. The family contacted Goodwill and described details about other items that were donated with the ashes.

"It was pretty clear they were the family and they explained to us how it all happened," said Eichorn.

The ashes, according to Eichorn, were donated accidentally when the family moved to the area and began cleaning and getting organized. Eichorn said they didn't realize and check everything and accidently dropped off the ashes to the Thomasville store.

"They were very thankful to be reunited," said Eichorn.

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Goodwill employee, Jess Cranford’s male co-worker found a small bottle, with the name ‘Missy’ written on top, and the words ‘Dad’s Ashes’ around the center.

Cranford decided to take responsibility for the gentleman, posting a picture of the bottle on Facebook, with a simple plea to share and call her if the relative was found.

The ashes were kept at the Goodwill corporate office in Winston-Salem in a safe.