GREENSBORO, N.C. — Although Bob Madden ditched the cold winters in Cleveland, 90 degree weather with heat and humidity is even a little much for him. 

“It’s a little hot. It's very humid so it's hard to stay cool when you’re outside," said Madden. He and his son found a shady spot at LeBauer Park to have lunch. Bob had his water ready to go. 

"It's always a concern when it's too hot. You become overheated so I try to drink plenty of water. I don’t ever drink sodas or anything like that. Water's the best way to stay hydrated so I try to stay hydrated when I'm out in the heat," he said.

Division Chief Derek Carson with the Pinecroft-Sedgefield Fire Department says hydration is key. 

"If you know that you have to be outside, it's preparing with the hydration and limiting your time in the sun and in the direct heat. Wearing loose-fitting clothes and being able to find shade and not to continuously work past the point to where you are exhausted because once you are, then it's too late at that point to try and get hydrated before you cool off, because the effects have already taken place," said Carson.

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He said the department sees quite a few calls for heat-related illnesses on hot days like this. 

"If you feel like you are getting to that point, is the excessive sweating, there's some signs and symptoms of cramping and excessive sweating, nausea and that stuff. Resting and getting to a point in the shade where you try to cool down," said Carson.

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Here are some "at home" tips you can take advantage of to try and keep cool in the summer heat:

  • Take some wash cloths, wet them, and freeze them. Your wrists and your neck are your body's best cooling points. 
  • Freeze fruit and eat that as your snack, instead of making a warm one. 
  • Keep a spray bottle in the refrigerator and spray yourself every now and then. 

Officials suggest to avoid working outside during peak heat hours if you don't have to. Try to get your work done before or after the hottest point in the day. 

"It's knowing yourself and trying to limit what you can do personally without over-exerting yourself and putting yourself in that position to where it is putting your body past that point," said Carson. 

Even though it's hotter than he'd like, Bob Madden will continue to enjoy the outdoors. 

"My daughter and I took a big long walk downtown yesterday, about six miles worth in the heat so by the time we were done we were - and I never got that heat exhaustion feeling at all - but we were pretty tired. I think I got a little sunburn yesterday too," he said.