GREENSBORO, N.C. — NO. You CAN'T drive an ATV on a public roadway in the city. 

That's what Greensboro Police Department wants you to know after recent incidents involving ATVs being driven illegally throughout the city streets. 

One of those reports stems from a road rage incident where a family says their car was vandalized in the process.

Dustin and Sarah Samsel were driving down Vanstory Street when an ATV pulled out of a side street, nearly hitting the front of their car.

"I told him to get that off of the road. He used profound language at me. This that and the other. I said OK whatever. I drive off," said Dustin. 

That was only the beginning.

"He turns around. I see him about right here at my rear bumper and he speeds up, gets right here at my window. Hits my mirror, scratches, scratches, scratches and puts a dent right here in my door," said Dustin.

His wife, Sarah, got on the phone with 911. 

"I was like you need to get someone out here now. There’s about to be an accident. There’s a four wheeler that we just about hit," she said.

Their biggest concern was their five-month-old son. 

"I was angry, but that’s mainly because I'm wanting to protect my wife and my son. He didn’t care about anybody. He didn’t care about himself, he didn’t care about anybody," said Dustin.

Greensboro Police say this isn't the only ATV-related report they've received. 

Last weekend, police say they got more reports of ATVs driving illegally on public roads throughout the city, like Gate City Boulevard.

A license isn't required to ride an ATV, but if you were born after 1990, you have to take a class. 

"I just don't want them to be riding on the roads anymore. It’s not safe," said Dustin. 

Police say they're working to identify some of the people involved in driving ATVs illegally on public roadways. Citations are possible. 

If you see anyone driving an ATV illegally on a public roadway, call police.


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