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Bear goes for a stroll through Kernersville

Karen Roberson spotted the bear the other day roaming around the area.

KERNERSVILLE, N.C. — There have been multiple reports of black bear sightings in the Kernersville area, according to the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office.

Karen Roberson spotted the bear Wednesday roaming around the neighborhood of Rich Fork Heights, just before Highway 66, near the areas of Kernersville and High Point. She said, "It's a bear, holy cow! A bear!" while taking a video of the bear strolling along.

Here lately, there has been an increase in bear encounters. People visiting national forests in western North Carolina should be cautious as bears are getting close to humans and even circling campsites.

As people continue to call law enforcement, the sheriff’s office wants the community to know that seeing a bear is exciting, but they don't have to call. Instead, they should alert their neighbors on the Nextdoor app or neighborhood watch groups.

Here are some safety tips from the sheriff’s office

  • Bears are wild animals - LEAVE THEM ALONE.
  • Remove all food sources – including securing trash cans, taking down bird feeders, and cleaning grills – so you do not attract bears looking for food.
  • Bears are wild animals and they do not realize they are in our neighborhoods - they are simply seeking food.
  • If you do not bother the bear, the bear will most likely not bother you.

For more information on co-existing with bears, please visit the NC Wildlife Resources Commission website.

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