WINSTON-SALEM, NC -- Hillary Clinton's Campaign is hitting the Tarheel state hard.

Her daughter, Chelsea Clinton made a stop in Raleigh Sunday while her husband, former President Bill Clinton made his second trip to the Triad.

On Sunday, he visited Wake Forest University's School of Law.

It was a day that people had been anticipating for a long time.

The campus was buzzing about the former President’s visit.

In an animated speech, he touched on all the big issues -- making his pitch to become the first ever first man of the United States of America.

"This is a movement of opportunity,” Clinton exclaimed as the crowd cheered loudly. “You have to vote for answers not anger. You have to vote for progress not protest. Nobody likes what's happened. Nobody likes the fact that the people who paid all the money in the crash got their money back quicker. But we have to think about what's best for your future."

The rainy weather didn't put a damper on the crowds.

"We came out about three hours before the event started even though it was raining," said Levi Ioffe, a sophomore at WFU.

The line wrapped around the School of Law as hundreds wanted to see Clinton and hear what he had to say about his wife’s plans for the white house.

"I know we still have some serious problems in America but you should be optimistic because we are in better shape and any other big country in the world,” said Clinton. “We are in better shape for our future."

He laid out his wife's presidential platform talking about issues like job creation, healthcare reform, immigration reform, clean energy, prison overcrowding, and a topic that was very important to Sunday’s crowd -- college costs.

"Personally I want someone who is in touch with a newer generation,” said Cam Migdol, a student at Wake Forest and a member of a student political learning program called ‘Wake the Vote.’ “People who aren't going to invest all our money on war but invest the money in our country on our infrastructure and our education because those are the investments that I think we need to make not spending money or the military outside of our country.”

"We need diversity of ideas and diversity of opinions and we are not really getting that," said Isaac Halverson, a first year law student at WFU.

So far, our state has hosted presidential candidates Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Bernie Sanders. It’s a testament to how important North Carolina’s electoral vote will be on the outcome of the election.

"It's become a very big swing state recently,” said Migdol.

"I think it's one of 13 states at this point which is in a position to swing either way left or right," said Ioffe.

Bill Clinton says North Carolina will be a battleground state between now and November.

Before he ended his speech, he left those in attendance with something to think about.

"All that matters to Hillary is when you finish, can you say people are better off than when you started? When you finish, can you say children and young people have a brighter future,” he asked. “When you finish can you say that we are coming together instead of being torn apart?"

After his speech, Bill Clinton shook hands and signed autographs with the crowd before he took off towards Asheville for another campaign stop.

Hillary Clinton will be visiting Charlotte on Monday and WFMY News 2 will have a crew there to bring you the sights and sounds from her campaign rally.

The primary election is this Tuesday March 15.