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Billy Graham Rapid Response Team heads to Colorado to help with recovery after Club Q shooting

The North Carolina-based Billy Graham Rapid Response Team is in Colorado helping with recovery after the deadly Club Q shooting.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Memorials continue to grow outside of the Colorado Springs gay night club where police say a 22-year-old gunman murdered five people and injured 17 others.

The suspect is in the hospital with charges expected to be filed.

Right now the North Carolina-based Billy Graham Rapid Response Team is in Colorado helping with recovery.

A team of chaplains arrived in Colorado Sunday and got to work. 

The group says they are offering a listening ear and a helping hand for those still trying to piece together the events of Saturday night. 

Jason Scalzi is a chaplain with the team. He says he has already made several connections with people in the area and listened to their stories. 

Scalzi says members of the LGBTQ community say they felt their safe space was jeopardized by the shooter.

He says many are still working through the healing process and the team is doing what it can to help them through that. 

"We're providing emotional and spiritual support to families, friends, people from the community, people from outside Colorado who are coming to pay their respects," Scalzi said. 

The team is working to help those in the community and any victims. 

In addition to the five people killed, 17 people were injured, including a Charlotte native, Barrett Hudson. 

He shared what happened when he was shot seven times inside Club Q.  

"Some dude legit walked in with an AR-15 and started shooting people and I got shot seven times in the back," he said. 

Hudson says he is grateful none of the bullets hit vital organs or his spine. 

He had just recently moved from Charlotte to Colorado. 

He is making plans to rehab his injuries back in North Carolina. 

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