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Biscuitville Coming To Reidsville, Hiring 40 New Jobs

Southern fast-food chain Biscuitville has had its eye on Reidsville 'for a while now.'

REIDSVILLE, N.C. — Biscuitville is coming to Reidsville! That's right, get ready to load up on some biscuits bt the end of 2019!

Jeff Gartska, Reidsville City Economic Director, said the company plans to build one of the chain restaurant locations at 660 South Scales Street.

"It was a target to bring a fast-food service to the area. When we got in contact with one another, it worked out perfectly," Gartska said.

The 2,828 square-foot facility will hire approximately 40 employees. Last week, the demolition of what used to be the Family Dollar starts the four-month process of constructing the store. The building plans, however, extend much further back.

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In September 2018, Gartska attended a Triad Business Journal Conference, where he said he met Burney Jennings, Biscuitville's CEO. 

"He told me Biscuitville had been looking at property in Reidsville, 'for a while now' and our interest was mutual," Gartska said.

Gartska said the family-owned and operated aspect of Biscuitville is what spurred interest on the city's end.

"We think we can continue to attract good, family-owned businesses to the area," Gartska said, "We're glad to have them."

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