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Burlington Biscuitville to be remodeled, parts of older building to be auctioned off

The octagon-shaped building stood in Burlington for years. One group said it had plans to preserve some of it.

BURLINGTON, N.C. — A Burlington landmark is set to be torn down and rebuilt.

An octagon-shaped Biscuitville location has stood on South Church Street for decades. The Greensboro-based chain said the restaurant closed this week, ahead of a complete makeover.

Some are sad to see the unique building go. Thomas Purcell lives in Graham and can remember when it used to be a bank.

"Truth is the truth, I hate that they’re doing that," Thomas Purcell said. "I understand it's part of growth, and I'm OK with that but don't take it down and put a new one up."

Michelle Smith grew up visiting the location as a child.

"It's been there as long as I can remember," Smith said. "Our family would go there for breakfast and we’ve always loved Biscuitville. It’s kind of odd to know that that one is coming down. The shape of it and everything is really kind of cool."

Purcell said it's just part of how Burlington has changed shape over the years.

"This corner is very special. Back in the 70s, Burlington stopped right here. This was it. There wasn’t all that down there (by the interstate)," Purcell said.

He has a soft spot for older buildings, including this one and stepped up to help preserve a part of it. He and another volunteer took down the ornate trim around the outside of the building.

It will go to Preservation Burlington's Salvage Shop, where people can buy it to decorate their homes.

There is no word on when Biscuitville will begin demolition. The location closed earlier this week and a new building on the same site is expected to open sometime in 2023.

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