ASHEBORO, N.C. — There was no birthday party today for one Asheboro boy, instead, his family is preparing for his funeral.

David Pulido would have turned 11 on Saturday, February 16,  but died in a car crash Wednesday morning.

He was riding in the back seat of a car on his way to school when it collided with two other cars. Some residents are now calling for a change at that intersection

The makeshift memorial continues to grow at the intersection of Fayetteville Street and Bailey Street where the accident happened. Folks who drive through say a stop light might have prevented the tragedy. 

"When you think about a child losing their life, it has to be tough on anyone," said Haylynn Guzman who's son knew David.

Guzman came to add balloons for David Pulido. She also sent her condolences to his mom. 

"Being a mother myself I can only imagine what she is going through."

Guzman said she has always had concerns about the intersection because there is no stop light despite it being very busy.

"A lot of the people who come through here to drop the kids off. I honestly don't even turn here because of that reason, I go to the next stop and turn there." 

A teen driver, who recently got his permit, says the intersection can be very dangerous at times.

"It's just a stop sign there and cars are going quickly. There have been quite some accidents there. I remember it was a motorcycle accident there and then there was one car that crashed into a pole so it's not really a safe place," said 15-year-old Jonathan Rodriguez who lives near the intersection.

"I think that there should be a light or something put up because it is dangerous" added Guzman.

Asheboro Police say there've been 18 traffic collisions over two years in the area of North Fayetteville Street and West Bailey Street. 

Police say they work with the NC DOT to address any safety concerns citizens may have about city streets and state roads.

Funeral events for David hold  Sunday with a visitation at 2 pm and a funeral service at 4 pm both at Pugh Funeral Home. David will then be buried at Oaklawn Cemetery in Asheboro.